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After many years in the business, Melanie French dreamed of opening a salon with the perfect location and team of stylists. In Melanie's salon, she imagined that all would strive to provide quality customer service for each client. In October of 2008, Melanie opened Fusion Salon; her dream was realized.
Upon Fusion's grand opening, Melanie was so excited and felt fortunate to have found both a location and team of stylists that fit her dream. Fusion is located in the beautiful Westport Village with incredible, talented people. Melanie's team strives to be the best in the business, staying current and providing quality work. At Fusion, you will experience a salon visit like never before...
      " We are a family and want the clients to feel that they are a part of it. "
​The Fusion team works hard to train their clients to maintain sexy hair and skin long after they leave the salon. Our product lines top industry standards, containing no harmful ingredients, truly giving the results they advertise to give.
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