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Melanie French

Melanie French / Owner . Stylist . Skin Specialist

Favorite Product:  My favorite product is Eufora Details.  I love finishing fine hair with this product.  It gives hair a very movable, detailed hold.
What I love about doing hair:  It can be extremely challenging to own a salon while also being behind the chair, but I have to say my love for creating and watching others create beautiful images keeps me striving to always do my best.  I love making our guests and team happy. I want them to always feel as special as they all are.

Christa Erie

Christa Erie / Stylist
Favorite Product:  Kerastase beautifying elixir

What I love about doing hair:  I love the confidence a fresh color and cut gives someone. I love making my clients look and feel beautiful.

Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall / Stylist
Favorite Product:  One product on my favorite list has to be our Kerastase Hairspray called Multi-Protective Spray.  It is a light to medium hold hairspray.  It's Ceramide and UV filter helps to protect weakend hair from climate change and enviromental factors.  Your hair is touchable and smells like a dream! Go Kerastase!

What I love about doing hair:  I feel very lucky to be a part of the creative group of stylists we have at Fusion Salon.  Everyday is an opportunity to connect with guests that I truly enjoy, and create an experience in which they feel pampered and important.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else as a career path.  Each appointment I have the honor to create, and help each guest to feel more beautiful!
Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller / Stylist 

Favorite Product:  Eufora Volume Fusion Spray

What I love about doing hair:  As an educator, as well as being back behind the chair, I love creating new looks. Also, I love helping my clients recreate their look at home to inspire beauty everyday!


Sam Moreland
Sam Moreland / Stylist 
Favorite product:: Kerastase Initialiste. Love this product! It really works! Causes incredible, rapid hair growth. It doesn't make the hair oily and the positive results are visible within a few weeks.

What I love about doing hair:  I pride myself on being a highly educated, skilled and advanced stylist over the last 22 years. I am passionate about my craft and most of all, the beauty industry. Making people feel and look their best everyday is my greatest acheivement. What I enjoy most is connecting on a professional and personal level with every single one of my guests. 


Melissa Gollihue
Melissa Gollihue / Stylist 

Favorite product: Eufora Texturzing Dry Shampoo. This exceptional dry shampoo refreshes and gives volume to all hair types.


What I love about doing hair: I love using the talents and gifts that I have developed through education to bring out the beauty in each of my guests. My goal is to enhance the confidence of my guests from the moment they step out of the chair.


Kasey Gibson
Kasey Gibson / Stylist 

Favorite Product: In the Kerastase line, I like to cocktail Mousse Bouffante with Densifique mousse. It creates thickness in the hair but keeps it light enough to still have amazing volume.

In the Eufora line, I love Details spray wax because it so versatile. It is a must have for creating texture and volume in the hair.


What I love about doing hair: I have been a hairdresser for over eight years and have been educated by some of the top stylists in the industry. I love to take that knowledge and design a unique look for each of my clients as well as educate them on how to recreate that look at home. My passion is beauty through education.


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