No matter what kind of hair you have... Thick, long, curly or straight. And your shampoo is included!
All Blowouts $35 
Straighten it up
Straight with a little body. 
Sleek it up
Sleek and smooth. 
Flirt it up
Lots of loose curls.
Messy it up
Messy beachy hair. 
Volume it up
Big hair, lot of volume. 
Painkiller  $10
10-minute scalp massage during your shampoo
Hair Shots  $30
Repair and rejuvenate dry, weak or color-treated hair by adding a signature Kérestase treatment to your shampoo. We call them shots - 'cause they're small, but strong.
Updo it up  $70
AKA an updo!
Add a Braid  $10
Set yourself apart.
Little Curls  $35
Ten and under. 
Little Curl it up  $50
Curls or lil' updo.